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Staxus – Raw: Twink Puts A Mobile To Handy Use Before Banging His Bud’s Ass


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We all know how fucking annoying it can be when you’re right in the middle of something important and your phone rings, so spare a thought for Lucas Drake and Angel Lopez in this kinky little bedroom adventure. After all, they’re busy getting up to all sorts of filthy antics together when one of their mobiles sounds; although given the obvious pleasure that both of them are experiencing at the time it’s perhaps not exactly too much of a surprise that they try desperately to ignore it. Unfortunately, the caller – identified only as “Boy” – is clearly a very persistent fellow, and doesn’t give a flying fuck that Drake is deep-throating and rimming his hyper-sexy buddy. Nor, for that matter, does the fellow care that he threatens to upset our enjoyment of these two beautiful boys in full rut. But for every problem, of course, there’s always an answer – and it doesn’t always necessarily have to be the most obvious solution. So when the phone rings for a second time, Drake decides to put the vibrations to good use – thrusting it into Lopez’s greedy little arsehole and using it as a twisted little sex-toy. Whether Samsung would ever recommend such a use for their equipment will most likely forever remain a mystery. What we can say, however, is that this imaginative exploration of Lopez’s pucker quickly results in the lad getting the full-on, no-holds-barred fucking that he deserves; pummelled in a whole series of depraved positions and squirting like a geyser in the process. All of which is arguably only eclipsed by the lad getting his face whitewashed by Drake’s eruption at the end!

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